Having questions is natural. Check out the most frequently asked questions below or shoot us an email. 

What am I investing in?

You are investing in shares of a single asset company that owns a racehorse.

We are offering our shares under Tier II of Regulation A and are required to publicly disclose information like acquisition costs, management fees, and all other information associated with the horse. So you can expect full transparency for all of your investments.

Can I make money?

Yes, if your horse wins, you’ll receive your portion of the horse’s net earnings whether from race purses, sales or even future breeding earnings.

And it’s not just an investment, it’s an experience unlike any other! You’ll receive weekly updates, behind the scenes content, race replays, and so much more!

Are there any ongoing expenses?

No! Once you invest there are zero ongoing expenses. Each share includes 18 months of training and care costs so you can invest without concern of getting in over your head.

Can I see my horse race?

Yes! That’s what this is all about! You’re welcome to watch your horse race on any normal race day. Commonwealth doesn’t provide tickets for special events like the Kentucky Derby, Breeders’ Cup, Pegasus World Cup or other similar races, however, you’re welcome and encouraged to attend. If your horse wins, we expect to see you in the winner’s circle! 

Who manages the horse and makes the decisions?

Commonwealth makes all management and care decisions for each horse in consultation with our trusted trainers, advisors and veterinarians.